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AL Petrol, based in Vragoli (Fushë Kosovë/ Kosovo Polje) and with its depot in Miradi e Ulët (Dobrevë) is a company that provides services in the field of fuels. AL-Petrol is a synonym of quality, fairness and sincerity, serving customers for 29 consecutive years. The experience, over the years, in Kosovo market has made our company a serious and reliable brand. We are the first and largest suppliers in the field of petroleum products. The work of AL Petrol dates back to 1989 when it started operating as a private business of a single owner. At that time, despite legal difficulties, AL Petrol was the first privately owned company in Kosovo in the field of selling petroleum products. Since 1989, the business operates with import and export activities, wholesale and retail of oil products throughout Kosovo. The ongoing work over the years has helped our company grow from a small business to a company which owns 70 selling points. We now have the most modern depot in the Balkans with a capacity of 6 million liters and supplied with oil products from the world's most prestigious companies of high quality. At this time, AL Petrol's main suppliers are OKTA's refineries in Macedonia, Helenit Petrolium in Greece, Italian-Slovenian business Eni Slovenija, Lukoil Burgas in Bulgaria. We also own the gas depot (LPG). Our consumers can purchase petroleum, gasoline and gas-LPG with affordable prices, with transport possibilities of 1000 up to 3500 liters. The company throughout these years has achieved to create a wide network of clients in the local and international level. In addition to extending the clients’ network, AL Petrol has expanded its scope of activity, including the hotel industry.


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AL Petrol’s mission is to move forward by growing each day to keep the image of a leading company in the field of fuels. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most quality services in the country, especially in the fuel industry, but at the same time keep in mind the environment. The mission that we have set to ourselves motivates us to work more and more to contribute to the economy of our country, to maintain social responsibility, to meet customer requirements and to create a positive working environment in AL-Petrol.



We work more and more for the vision of the future of society and our company. We want to be the ones who establish and keep values at work, bring quality to customers and be the leading company in the field of fuels. The work of the company's staff makes AL-Petrol always achieve the goals it has set, while always serving customers.

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