AL Petrol helps families on the eve of Eid al-Fitr

AL Petrol in cooperation with the municipality of Fushë Kosova, on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, have distributed food packages for families who receive social assistance in this municipality to continue the following day in the Municipality of Malisheva and elsewhere. Representatives of AL Petrol stated that they have decided to support these two municipalities since Malisheva and Fushë Kosova have a long list of people who receive social assistance. “In the municipality of Fushë Kosova the social state of a considerable number of people is very harsh. We, as a municipality, have made efforts to help these families but we do not have enough budget since the number of people in this category is rising. Therefore, such help is always welcome and very significant”, said Mimoza Kolshi, Director of Health and Social Welfare in the Municipality of Fushë Kosova. Meanwhile, representatives of AL Petrol called on people to express solidarity and help families in need not only during holidays. “During holidays we try to make these families happy so that they can enjoy them like every other family. These families that we can see here and all the other families deserve to enjoy these holidays so we should never forget about them. We should work towards a better future for everyone”, stated the President of AL Petrol during the distribution of gifts. Mr. Kryeziu also announced that in the next day the distribution of gifts in the municipality of Malisheva.

Meanwhile, AL Petrol continuously supports the people of Kosovo in many ways including the construction of houses for the poor and provision of scholarships for students throughout the territory of Kosovo.

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