A respected teacher wins AUDI A4 offered by AL Petrol

A respected teacher from the Municipality of Lipjan, Hajrush Thaci is the winner of the Audi A4, from AL Petrol Company. The winner of this car has been selected directly on television, so that everything is transparent to the public. At the moment when the keys were handed to Mr. Thaçi, he was accompanied by family members who had come from Germany and were thankful to the management and staff of AL Petrol for the gift that they did not even dream of receiving from anyone. “Sometimes a man finds no words to express his acknowledgement. I really did not expect it. What I can say is that I have been working in education for 46 years and now I’m retired. At the right time, AL Petrol rewarded my work in education that I did with great pleasure for the people of my country, “said Mr. Hajrush Thaci.

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